Posted by: Juveria | August 27, 2009

Gongura Pappu

As I am in the very beginning of getting my blog started, the enthusiasm is driving me crazy and I don’t know where to start. Its like I am clueless..! I have been wanting to write a food blog for so long but did not have the courage to start as it demands labor, hard work, love and care put into each dish. Finally I am getting started and here is my brand new first recipe on the internet.

So following my instincts and trying to post one of my favorites “Gongura Dal”. I being from Andhra Pradesh and my indefinite love for the cuisine, I know how much Telugu people love and crave Gongura. It is like if you remind them about their cuisine, first thing that comes to their mind is Gongura.

By the way let us know a little bit about Gongura. It is a Green Leafy Vegetable  and quintessential veggie in Andhra. The botanical name is Hibiscus Cannabinus. In Telangana it is known as puntikura, in hindi Ambadi, and in english it is known as Red Sorrel Leaves(relative of Rossell).

I love Gongura very much. I am so happy to post Gongura Dal today because it is one of my favorites.  My mom makes Gongura chutney and Dal in a a very delicious way which is out of this world. And when i think about it my heart goes mmmmmmm…! 🙂

Gogura Leaves

Gongura Leaves

This is how I make it …


1 cup Toor Dal
1 bunch of gongura

For Tempering

1 small Onion
5 or 6 Jalapenos (chillies)
1 tbsp Salt
1/2 a tsp Turmeric
Cumin seeds
Mustard Seeds
Dried red Chillies – 3
Garlic – 3
Curry leaves
Little bit if cilantro (Coriander leaves) to garnish

Getting  started with the cooking

Pressure cook toor dal  with some oil up to 4 or 5 whistles and keep it aside.
Add some salt to the dal
Remove all the leaves from the stems, wash and cut Gongura leaves .
Now take a sauce pan or a pot and add some oil for tempering.
When oil is nice and hot add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, red chillies, garlic, curry leaves, jalapenos, onion pieces and let it cook for 3 to 4 minutes.
Add 1/2 a tsp of turmeric to the tempering.
Now add Gongura leaves and let it cook for at least 8 minutes until gongura is nice and done. Now add Dal.
Stir it all at once, and cover and in few minutes. voila.. Gongura Dal is ready to be served.
It tastes great with rice, chapathi and puri too. It works well with piping hot rice, dal and ghee.

Enjoy… so long!   chao

Gongura Pappu



  1. Wow,the dish looks ossum ,your dish rocks

    • Thanks nazia, was delighted to read ur comment. Keep posting them.

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