Hi Hello Salamalaikum and Namaste. Well Bon Apetit Food Lovers.

Its my incredible pleasure to welcome you to my food blog.In this blog I sincerely wish that you find whatever you are looking for in my food box.I promise to post every possible basic recipe and beyond to help beginners and others too.

I will try to bring you back some basics, or some memories(that can be related to the food u love) to you in a very simplified and sophisticated  way, but also take you further with some fancy and some envied recipes too.I wanna assure you that the most craved delicacies will also be posted.

In the era of finding thyself, suddenly I found myself in the love for food. As it is my only comfort zone(whether cooking or eating it). Eating is always the best part per se… but nothing comes without hard work.You know what they say “No Pain No gain”. Yet I find most of the foods as soothing as they can get.

By the the way I am Juveria Tasneem (Daughter,Sister,Wife, & Mom). I  hail from Warangal, Andhra Pradesh Southern Part Of India.I Love my Place so very much. I Love everything back home My Family, Friends, My Home-town, My House, and My mom’s Food. I still smell the wonderful aroma from my mom’s kitchen ,that used to dwell in the whole house,, and by the time you know all of us were in the kitchen to know ‘what’s cooking?’


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